Quick….. what is your first thought when you hear the word “Plan“??

Most likely this word “Plan” conjures up thoughts of boredom, tedious, never ending.  And feelings of confusion, dreary and even overwhelming.  The reason for this is most plans are long winded, unattainable and simply “mumbo jumbo”.   I am going to show you how planning can actually be fun….. when you do it backwards!!!

Referring to my previous postings….. Until now our thought progression has gently flowed forward; the Idea, followed by Dreaming, and now the practicality of the Plan.  It is now time to throw that thought progression aside and work backwards.

I want you to imagine the process of developing an effective Business Plan as a pyramid.  Picture a pyramid in your mind; that’s your Business Plan.  There, lesson over.  I’m kidding of course.

It is important to note before we go any further that a “5 Year Business Plan“, or any 5 year plan for that matter is a complete joke.  Painfully humourous actually.  I am here to say that know one can effectively plan for 5 years into the future.  There are simply too many variables to accurately predict and plan for.  With my clients, I write 3 Year Business Plans.  The concept is that banks and/or investors like to see a long term plan in order to prove that you are planning as far ahead as possible.

Your business in 3 years is the tip or “Apex” of the pyramid.  When creating a practical and effective Business Plan, everything you do from this moment forward must work toward and align with the tip of the pyramid.  Practical Tasks and milestones that you work at along the way are the steps of the pyramid.  The key is to co-ordinate these well so the tasks and work you need to do flows nicely from the base of the pyramid, right up to the very tip 3 years from now.  Does this mean in 3 years once you’ve worked effectively and reached the tip of this pyramid; that’s it…. no direction or anything to strive for?  No, because at that point; you do it again establishing that point as “ground zero” and working forward following another 3 Year Business Plan which would be written at that point.

       Developing a 3 Year Business Plan  (my pyramid concept):

Vision Statement:

A simple, factual statement of what your business is 3 years from now.  The tip of the pyramid, if you will.   (1 or 2 sentences)

Mission Statement:

Why are you here and what do you do?  Define your business and why it exists and is essential.   (1 or 2 sentences)


Short factual statements of what you will do.  It’s best to have 5-8 of these.  It is very important to state a deadline for each of these Objectives.  Have the order of these flow from most recent to furthest out into the future.


  Goals stated in general terms that flow in order aligning with your Objectives.  You should also have 5-8 of these.

Practical Tasks:

(my favourite section)   These are “matter of fact” tasks/milestones that are to be completed in order to achieve the Strategies.  Give definite due dates for each of the Practical Tasks and have 6-9 of them.  These are the base or foundation of the pyramid.

Do you notice how everything “flows” and how each section compliments and aligns with the previous?  A pyramid is structurally sound.  Keep that in your forethoughts as you work through the different milestones of your own plan.

Ladies and Gentlemen….. this is how you reach your goals and successfully fulfill your 3 Year Business Plan.

Feel free to contact me personally to assist you in creating one.  Actual geography is of little relevance; as I have helped clients from all over create PRACTICAL, EFFECTIVE and TRUE Business Plans.

Thank you, Daniel Kenney


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